Beneath The Crag

The worst day of my life (Kimi's inner thoughts)

Kythorn 7, 1502 DR

Today… today is a horrible day. I feel awful for getting us all into this mess. When those kids picked on Mikra, I felt it was my duty to arrange an activity for us that would prove once and for all that all of us were braver and stronger than all the other kids. Gosh, was that a mistake. When those little lizard men attacked us, I thought that was the end of our lives. I thought for sure that right there, right then, we would all be killed. Maybe they would roast us over a fire and eat us. I can’t imagine a fate worse than that. My father would be ashamed if he knew that I died in that kind of manner. Imagine my surprise when, instead of eating us, they took us all prisoner. They dragged us through the forest in the middle of the night. If I was scared before, I was terrified now. We were in the forest, in the middle of the night! I had heard rumors about the forest being haunted and dangerous, but I had never believed them until now. As they dragged us along, the trees themselves lashed out, and carried some of the lizard men away into the treetops, the only sign of their passing? A blood curdling scream, a sickening crunch, and a damp shower from the treetops. I tried to reassure everyone that it was just rain from the leaves. The last thing I need is for everyone to start crying.

Finally, we emerged from the forest. Hollin had long since passed out, lucky him. I wish I could do the same. They dragged us into some collapsed ruins, and threw us into a prison cell. We heard one of them say something about “bathing the crown in pink-skin blood.” Whatever that means, I’m sure it isn’t good. Thankfully, whatever gods that are watching decided to be kind for a change. In the cell with us were a pair of adventurers Tyran and Edgrin. I think my dad traveled with them before, but I can’t be sure. When they saw us kids get thrown in here, they said they could help us escape. I hope they are right. When the guards arrive next, we’re going to try to take their keys and make a break for it.

I pray this works, I really don’t want to wind up a snack for these lizard men.



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