My mind is lost in chaos. My heart is shattered from the pain. My soul is consumed with vengance. My destiny in ruins. I wander this desert of insanity looking for hope....hope that one day I will regain my past.



  • Race: half-elf
  • Class: sorcerer
  • Age: unknown
  • Height: 5’9"
  • Hair color: crimson
  • Eye color: deep blue


  • Str: 10
  • Dex: 10
  • Con: 14
  • Int: 15
  • Wis: 12
  • Cha: 18
  • HP: 25
Favored class
  • Sorcerer
  • Dragon-disciple



  • Fort: +3
  • Ref: +1
  • Will: +4
  • +2 to saves against enchantments
  • Immune to sleep


  • melee +1
  • ranged +1
  • touch 10
  • Flat-foot 12
  • AC 12
  • CMB 1
  • CMD 11


  • claws x2 (7 rounds per day)
  • Light crossbow (1d8)
Level 0 spells
  • Detect Magic
  • Dancing Light
  • Acid Splash
  • Prestidigitation
  • Spark
Level 1 spells
  • Shocking Grasp
  • Magic Missile
  • Burning Hands
  • Mage Armor


  • Perception +9
  • Bluff +13
  • Knowledge Arcana +8
  • Spellcraft +8
  • Intimidate +8
  • Fly +4


  • Elven
  • Common
  • Draconic
  • Celestial
  • light crossbow (4 lbs)(masterwork)
  • crossbow bolts x54 (5 lbs)
  • backpack (2 lbs)
  • waterproof bag (1/2 lbs)
  • Bed roll (5 lbs)
  • Blanket (1 lbs)
  • Flint & steel
  • Whistle
  • Potion of cure lightx4
  • Potion of cure moderatex3
  • Bag of holding (holds up to 35 pounds)
    33.65 gp
  • toughness
  • skill focus: Bluff
  • keen senses +2 perception
  • Energy substitution: electric
  • Dragon Resistance +5 to electric
  • Normal speed: 30ft
  • low-light vision: 60ft
  • Dragon type: Blue

About 5 years ago, a half-elf awoke at the base of Droskar’s Crag. Everything around was a field of ash and stone, and he was covered in soot and ash. To the north lay a towering mountain with a red glow at the top and a gaping chasm separating him from it, and to the south, a thick forest. As he gathered his bearings and tried to dust himself off, he noticed an approaching band of small lizard-like humanoids coming his way from the north, brandishing spears, and adorned with bones. Having no weapons, no armor, and no idea what the hell is going on. The small lizard folk notice him, and begin pursuit, but he makes it into the thicket before they can catch him. Oddly enough, the lizard folk stop chasing him, and don’t even come past the edge of the forest to retrieve a spear that was thrown at him. It looks like he managed to escape.

As he journeys through the woods however, he finds out why they might have not given chase, as he is ambushed by….Well, he has no idea, but it’s nasty. The thing tries to devour him! Once it has him in its grasp the half-elf begins to realize that he can’t escape. He then notices a quick flash of silver… and its head slides off of its neck. It seems he was saved by a traveling swordsman.

He introduces himself as Horace Codwin, and helps him out of the woods, and puts him up for the evening at the Temple of the Burning Sun in Falcon’s Hollow. He explains the state of the country and asks the half-elf about himself. The half-elf is at a loss of words, trying to think he realizes that he knows nothing. Horace notices a mark on his right shoulder and realizes that the half-elf has the brand of Urlstaz. Horace explains what this means to him and urges him to keep it hidden because it would outcast him from others. The half-elf sits and ponders on his past trying desperately hard to remember….

Over the last five years the half-elf still has no-idea about what his past life was only remembering his name Ruingaur. Since the events at Droskar’s Crag and the rescue by Horace Codwin, Ruingaur has taken up inhabitants at Falcon’s Hollow. Horace being the only one to show compassion to the half-elf, rents him out the cellar of the church for residence. Being a half-elf Ruingaur has a tough time fitting in with the citizens and generally tries to keep to himself. Since the lumber mill will not hire him, Ruingaur stays a float by doing odd-jobs that the town needs done, along with the up keep of the Temple of the Burning Sun. Every now and then Ruingaur is also able to make a little money from the carnival.

Keeping careful to hide his brand from others, Ruingaur constantly tries to remember his past and connection with Urlstaz. Over time Ruingaur discovers his affinity with magic and does his best to make sure that no one knows in attempt to not be further out casted and feared.
Ruingaur has a dark stain on his soul knowing that he has done horrible things in his life so though he doesn’t know what he did or how things came to be he has regret and anger built up and knows all this is connected with the dragons since he wears the brand of Urlstaz.


Beneath The Crag ruingaur