Your worldly concerns do not affect me...until you attempt to harm my forest.


Female Human Shaman

STR 10 +0
DEX 15 +2
CON 14 +2
INT 10 +0
WIS 12 +1
CHA 18 +4

HP 38
Initiative +2
AC 15
Touch 12
FF 13
Fort +4
Ref +1
Will +4
BAB +3
Speed 35 ft.

Craft Focus +7
Handle Animal +11
Knowledge Geography +1
Knowledge Nature +4
Perception +10
Perform Ritual +11
Sense Motive +3
Survival +6


Heavy Crossbow (5, 1d10, 19-20×2)
Dagger (
3, 1d4, 19-20×2)

Brew Potion

Special Abilities:
Communicate with Spirit
See Spirit
Spirit Companion

Traits: Devotee of the Green


Zois Bio:
Even as a young girl Zois was known for her affinity with Darkwood Forest. Zois knew that she could never work cutting down trees. She became an errand runner for her best friend Laurel. Zois prided herself on her ability to get safely through the forest, recognize, and find different plant and herbs. One day while running such an errand, Zois noticed a lot of black smoke rising from the direction of the orphanage. She went to investigate and arrived just in time to watch the last of the orphans die in her arms. It was at this moment that Zois vowed to cast the shackles of this world from her feet.
Zois put the orphan down and began to run through the forest, shedding tears. She arrived at her favorite place; the largest tree in the forest. Zois had always felt a strange sense of connectedness here, as though centuries of life, love, and death had played itself out in front of the tree. If she concentrated, she could almost see shapes and figures playing out unending dramas of their lives gone past.
Today was different. The longer Zois stayed, the more vivid and real the shapes seemed to become. One shape walked right up to Zois and sat down. It seemed to be staring right at her. Zois sat perfectly still and focused on emptying her mind. The more she let go, the close she became to seeing this spirit. After an unknown amount of time, Zois could hear the spirit speaking to her. “Who are you, child?” She tried to formulate a response, but felt herself slipping away. How could she respond to such a shape? Where would she start?
In time, Zois was able to answer, “Can you show me?”
“Yes, my child. I’ve been waiting a long time for you to say that.”
Elnora taught Zois many different things. She helped Zois see the many spirits that spent their times around the great tree. She discovered that the tree was a tether, and spirits could use the tree to see from their spirit realm into the human realm.
One day Elnora instructed Zois to fast. Zois obeyed, meditating and fasting day after day. After a period of time, a wounded lynx limped into the clearing. Its breathing was ragged, and its sides gaunt. Its once glossy black fur was matted and tufts were missing. Knowing immediately that she must take care of the panther, Zois rose. She stretched out her hand cautiously presenting it to the great beast. It sniffed her hand, and then licked her palm. When its tongue touched her hand Zois was struck with a vision of all of the forest at once. She understood that this lynx was the forest and that it had accepted her. She immediately broke out her trance, and the lynx was still in front of her. Wrapping her arms around its great neck, Zois left the great tree to tend to its wounds, the wounds of the forest.


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